About Rex

Background and Experience:

Rex was the youngest person and the first Ohio University student elected to the Athens (OH) City Council in 1987. Prior to that, he was the elected co-chair of the Athens City Charter Commission. During his tenure as a councilman, he was the chair of the Finance Committee and a member of several other committees. 

Rex has been a Pima County resident since 1991, having moved here when he was 27 years old. Rex has served our children as a teacher, assistant principal and principal for most of that time. He has worked on behalf of kids and their families in each of these schools:

  • Teacher, Flowing Wells Junior High School
  • Teacher, Gridley Middle School
  • Assistant Principal, Doolen Middle School
  • Assistant Principal, Ironwood Ridge High School
  • Principal, Catalina High School
  • Principal, Howenstine High School
  • Principal, Tortolita Middle School

With 19 years of service as a school administrator and four years as an elected official, Rex has more leadership experience than any of the other candidates for this office. His background includes budgeting, employee oversight, resource allocation and providing a diverse array of services to an even more diverse population of constituents. Rex will be ready on his first day in office to be an engaged and knowledgeable supervisor.

District One has 53,000 Republicans, 50,000 Democrats and 39,000 voters who are either independents, or members of smaller parties. As someone who was a Republican for almost 20 years, an independent for four years and a Democrat for the last 16 years, Rex knows the value and necessity of honoring all points of view. He also served many diverse communities as a teacher, administrator and elected official. More than any other candidate, Rex is prepared to be a fair, objective representative for all the people in our changing district.

Rex and his wife, Teri, an elementary school teacher, have been married for over 25 years. They are the parents of twins, Caitlin and Trent.


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything in our community and world. Dealing with this crisis will be the essential task for the Board of Supervisors moving forward. Click here to see how Rex intends to use his background and experience to lead during these difficult times.

As someone who has learned the needs of our community through the eyes of its children, Rex Scott will bring a unique perspective to the Pima County Board of Supervisors. He knows that we need to give our children the robust quality of life and positive economic climate that will make them want to stay here when they graduate. His priorities as a strong voice for all District One residents will be:

  • Fostering economic development and business expansion
  • Fixing and maintaining county roads and infrastructure
  • Supporting law enforcement and first responders
  • Advocating for quality early childhood education for all our kids
  • Prioritizing customer service and efficient operations
  • Working with other jurisdictions to increase the stock of affordable housing
  • Ensuring that our environment and natural resources are protected